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UNKILLED V2.3.1 MOD APK (MENU, Unlimited Ammo/Gadget/HP)

Category:Action Games OS:Android 5.0

Size:944 MB Latest update:Nov 03, 2023



UNKILLED is set in a post-apocalyptic world that has progressed to a terrifying point due to the zombie hordes' significant evolution—they are becoming more and more varied in type as well as in quantity. Will your courage and shooting prowess be enough to defeat them?


Introduce about UNKILLED

UNKILLED is an action game published by Deca_Games. When you play the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter fighting game UNKILLED, you're joining millions of other players worldwide. The team behind Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2, which have a sizable player base on the mobile platform, is behind UNKILLED. UNKILLED's release demonstrated that there are still a lot of dramatic aspects of zombie battles to be explored. It's also impossible to overlook UNKILLED if you enjoy the essence of bombardment shooting. There has never been a post-apocalyptic and zombie-themed online FPS shooter like this!

Game features


UNKILLED is set in New York City. The most costly location on earth, which was formerly a representation of American prosperity, is now the target of numerous terrifying zombies in the post-apocalyptic setting. To join the elite Wolfpack squad, players can select one of five warrior characters. The task force assembles the world's most formidable fighters to battle zombies and unearth all the mysteries surrounding the catastrophic outbreak that has recently occurred. To eliminate as many zombies as you can, you and your allies will engage in full-contact combat while utilizing all of your specialized skills and the newest, most sophisticated weapons. The online PVP game promises to have a lot of competitive screens, appealing shooting combat, and breathtaking drama.

Rich combat missions

UNKILLED creates a variety of battle routes with various objectives and tactics. More than 150 distinct survival combat missions are available in UNKILLED, an epic game with a post-apocalyptic setting and a broad narrative. You will take up arms to combat a variety of the most dreadful varieties and kinds of zombies found worldwide by assuming the roles of various warrior characters. The five warriors from the special forces are unique in their personalities, strength stats, special abilities, and outward appearance. You must figure out how to maximize each character's advantages after selecting one, all the while showcasing your warrior prowess by taking precise combat shots and mercilessly eliminating zombies.


PVP mode

The zombie shooting game UNKILLED is available for play online in multiplayer. In the desolate world where most humans have perished, you will assemble your own army of zombie fighters and figure out how to live. There are many equally powerful leaders in this world besides the warrior squad under your command. Regretfully, opinions on direction and resource distribution could not be agreed upon by all. In online mode, you fight two wars simultaneously: one against the base of another gang leader and the other to eliminate zombies. Acknowledgments are given for any achievement, but will you persevere to emerge as the most skilled leader in the aftermath?

A wealth of weapons and characters

LSAT, SAIGA-12K, and M24 are just a few of the more than forty extremely sophisticated weapons that UNKILLED currently possesses. With a bit of surrealism mixed in, each weapon is reinforced and enhanced to reflect futuristic modernity. You can customize the gun to your liking and gather a variety of character skins during the game by collecting achievements. Thus, UNKILLED appeals to players not just because of the action element but also because of the PVP mode's ability to expand the game and give characters unique weapons and skins.


Download UNKILLED for Android

The game has rich gameplay and storyline, and its image quality is consistent. UNKILLED is an enjoyable game that offers a unique gameplay experience in addition to the thrill of shooting zombies in a classic first-person shooter style. It features an enormous number of zombie variations and a series of unmatched missions.