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University Empire Tycoon

University Empire Tycoon V1.1.9 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Category:Simulation Games OS:Android 7.0

Size:185 MB Latest update:Nov 03, 2023


About University Empire Tycoon

University Empire Tycoon MOD APK is a great game to play if you enjoy idle management games. You just need to think things through and make calculated choices to advance your university in this relatively simple game. Everything else, like personalized building and assigned hiring, is managed by the game's automated function.


Introduce about University Empire Tycoon

University Empire Tycoon is a simulation game published by Codigames. Take charge of the company and make a lot of money by developing a college campus!

Game features


While there are many different types of management simulation games, one excellent option to practice managing a university is the University Empire Tycoon. Teaching quality, mode, and environment are the most crucial factors for both lecturers and students. However, from a managerial standpoint, the university functions as a business. Profitability is a must for business. This is where management must begin. Managing your university effectively is your aim in University Empire Tycoon. A clear path to growth in terms of area, knowledge, student body, reputation, and revenue is made available by expanding the campus based on a small university campus. With your adept managerial skills, you will gradually transform the modest university into the largest and most renowned one. Make yourself the greatest college administrator in the nation.

Begin your career as a manager

You start working for a small, unidentified university as a manager. You worked hard from the first day. To transform the average school into a prestigious learning environment and contend with other universities, pay close attention to every detail, enhance the lacking areas, and develop new areas! At first, you will concentrate on attending to the needs of staff and students while making the appropriate choices to grow your business (i.e., turn a profit for the school). You must focus on giving students the greatest sporting facilities, streamlining the administrative process, and personalizing the classroom. Simultaneously, you might consider allocating the excess funds from the school administration company to employing the most qualified faculty members or supporting other activities. The future growth strategy of the school will be impacted by every decision you make. Later on, as your school expands, you can compete with other colleges and try your hardest to rank first among the nation's best universities.


Fully develop your university

After your financial situation is reasonably stable, you should consider growing the university to increase its revenue streams and enhance its standing. Expand the school by building new offices, sports facilities, or classrooms. Improved basketball hoops and contemporary blackboards are two minor details that should be attended to. The manager should carefully consider the continuation of the new initiative. New academic programs and faculties have been added to the medical school curriculum, such as law, mathematics, philosophy, literature, physics, chemistry, and engineering. You must devise a cunning plan to guide the school toward a brand-new, well-respected moniker and a location that all students can feel confident in. Your university can become one of the biggest in the nation with wise management.

Solving all the needs of students

More students will learn and enjoy themselves at your university with affordable tuition the more prestigious it is. Any situation calls for the school administrator to be cognizant of every student's needs and to appropriately adjust the school's growth strategies to address those needs. The school's reputation can be enhanced by doing everything from small things like offering high-quality textbooks and supporting scholarship policies to larger ones like establishing student exchange programs, collaborating with foreign universities, drawing the best students to their campus for success, and so on.

Managing employees

You must be a deserving manager and your university will require effective staff. Your overall management and people strategy will determine how you hire, fire, and control costs. Hire workers in office administration, construction, cleaning, or maintenance. Remember to appoint the top instructors for every subject the school currently offers. Proficiency in people management will enhance the caliber of your university and bolster your credibility.


Download University Empire Tycoon for Android

Running a university is a challenging job with many challenges and opportunities, so download the game and try it out!


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