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Unhappy Raccoon

Unhappy Raccoon V1.22.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Role Playing Games OS:Android 5.0

Size:414 MB Latest update:Nov 06, 2023


About Unhappy Raccoon

Unhappy Raccoon is a role-playing game about space exploration. Action, combat, friendship, and spaceship recreation on an enigmatic planet chock full of perils and deadly traps are all features of the game.


Introduce about Unhappy Raccoon

You'll need allies in the fight to discover the new universe. These cute and cuddly raccoons have unique fighting techniques and abilities. Racoon God fashioned the universe in which you and your companions are now. It has recently come to light that a number of unforeseen events have left you and other Adventurers stuck in this universe. In Unhappy Raccoon, the objective is to escape the "maze" that Racoon God has created by engaging in combat on numerous planets. This live battle will determine the fate of everyone when you finally face the Racoon God himself. Download Unhappy Raccoon and have a fun raccoon fight on your phone!

Game features

Focus on roguelike action combat

The protagonist of Unhappy Raccoon is a raccoon, and the story takes place on an odd planet. The game's intricacies will captivate players, or at the very least, their attention will be captured by the characters' exquisite and vibrant designs. In Unhappy Raccoon, you take on the role of a raccoon warrior who must make friends, travel the universe nonstop, and construct strong spacecraft to transport you across the vast galaxy from planet to planet. The main gameplay mechanic in Unhappy Raccoon is roguelike action combat. You have ample time to assemble and discipline your formidable army of raccoons and vanquish all adversaries encountered along the way. You can unlock more varieties of raccoons by winning and accruing more points. Similar to other common roguelike games, you will have to start over and gather each raccoon friend one at a time if they have all perished in combat. As with other popular Roguelikes, if all your raccoon friends die in battle, you will have to restart the game and gradually collect your raccoon friends. By patiently learning everyone's skills and putting them to use in every battle, you'll have a better game experience. You become more cautious every step of the way due to the roguelike mechanism. Fortunately, we have other companions in the game besides the main character, the raccoon. New players can enjoy the game in their own way, within reason, thanks to these features.


Enemies and obstacles

You must move, battle, and live by Racoon God's rules if you want to escape this strange universe. To become stronger and more resilient, you will thus need to overcome numerous challenges and continuously gather mystical items. When you reach the end of the road, the boss known as Racoon God is also your greatest adversary. You can return to your kingdom if you succeed in defeating this universe maker. However, you will need to defeat a number of evil viruses in the universe—perhaps some of which are this boss's creations—before you can reach the Raccoon God. The smaller, more crafty raccoons are those adversaries. To combat them, you must maneuver, employ every skill you possess, and call in allies who are raccoons. The opposing raccoon species grow more varied, unpredictable in their fighting strategies, and densely populated on every planet you travel through.

Graphics and sound

To depict characters, execute moves, and showcase incredibly epic battles, Unhappy Raccoon employs vibrant cartoon graphics and vibrant 2D. In Unhappy Raccoon, very few fight scenes fall short in terms of presentation or audio quality. Especially, the soft, shiny, youthful, and attractive fur of our raccoons makes them appear incredibly light. I want to put my hand on it just by looking at it. When these fluffy raccoon companions battle the enemy, imagine that each of them is also capable of casting an amazing fire spell. It will make for an extremely humorous scene.


Download Unhappy Raccoon

Despite the game's modest size, Unhappy Raccoon offers a lot of entertainment. Unhappy Raccoon is an ideal game if you enjoy fighting in the world of raccoons and are looking for a busy roguelike experience.


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