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Unexpected2 V3.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Horror OS:Android 4.4

Size:78 MB Latest update:Nov 06, 2023


About Unexpected2

Publisher Genuine Studio Ltd. is the developer of the detective puzzle game Unexpected2. To find clues and solve cases in the game, you will need to apply logic to solve a variety of puzzles, ranging in difficulty from easy to difficult.


Introduce about Unexpected2

Do puzzle games appeal to you, and do movies, manga, or other crime-solving games always make you feel stimulated? If so, you should play the amazing puzzle game Unexpected2. The player's vivid imagination is often more frightening than the game or its plot. Unusual things were on your mind constantly. As the developer revealed in the game's introduction. When you're working during the day, Unexpected2 won't distract you because your mind is busy remembering unsolved puzzles. If you play alone at night, the excitement will make it difficult for you to fall asleep, and you may even feel a little cold on the back of your neck sometimes. Unexpected2 is not a horror game in the traditional sense, and it does not feature ghosts. When you examine the events and phenomena in the game through the lenses of science, reason, and logic, you will discover that they are nothing more than dated urban legends.

Game features


The origins of the twenty-three stories that Unexpected2 presents are unknown, but considering the contemporary setting and circumstances that are typical of modern ghost stories, it is likely that these stories are derived from urban legends, in which long-held beliefs are perpetuated through obscure, mysterious tales that frighten insiders. These twenty-three stories have no apparent relationship and are completely independent of one another. You will encounter a wholly distinct setting, circumstance, and character at every level. Because of this, each story requires a different approach to solving puzzles, scenarios, and logical thought processes. It will be necessary for you to place yourself in the role, act, and think as though the new character is capable of overcoming every obstacle.

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Puzzle game with multiple levels of interaction

Puzzle games come in different forms, and Unexpected2 is no different. Unexpected2's puzzles are mostly interactive, which is the first distinction. In other words, in a given scenario, you can find the solution by indirectly finding small clues that lead to the answer by touching a variety of other items on the screen in addition to having to select the right answer or touch the objects to find it.

Different ending

Up to 23 separate stories can be found in Unexpected2. There are numerous ways for each story to end. Each story has a different ending depending entirely on how you resolve its sub-puzzles. Not only will there be happy endings, but also endings that leave you wondering and depressing. Experiment with various approaches to address the emotions of those concerned. You'll discover that every choice you make will have a unique effect on you.

Graphics and sound

With each story, Unexpected2 masterfully crafts a gloomy and unsettling atmosphere through the use of similar Asian-style 2D hand-drawn graphics. Despite the sleek and contemporary surroundings, there's something that gives players the chills. You doubt every little action of the main character and the people around you. You also immediately become cautious because of the dubious detective who seems to emanate from the game's design. It's important to pay close attention to every detail in the picture, including the lines, facial expressions, and changes in each subject's emotion. Not everything is easy; some words or hints will lead you to the next puzzle. The details of each story are always pushed to a climax, complementing the setting and character design, and the pace of the storyline's development and the menacing soundtrack make you shudder. One could argue that much of the success of this stunning crime-solving game is due to its hand-drawn graphics and eerie Asian soundtrack.


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A fun puzzle game is called Unexpected2. The ending can vary depending on your choice, and do your best to solve 23 unforgettable urban anecdotes in this terrifying game!


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