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Gloria Victis and Black Eye Games Are Closing

From:dreamboxfile Date:Sep 01, 2023 Click:

Black Eye Games announces that the Medieval MMO Gloria Victis will shut down on October 31, 2023 and the new Glory Season updating on August 31, 2023 will be the Final Season in Gloria Victis. They also mentions that they will close the studio over the next few months.


Gloria Victis started in February 2012. The studio has run the servers for almost 11 years and updated the game more than 370 times. Due to the game being fully MMORPG, it needs a very wide and spread infrastructure, which basically means it has no chance to be hosted via Community and it is impossible to create a version hosting on player-made servers without excessive infrastructure. Unfortunately, it is the time to say goodbye to Gloria Victis for both the players and the developer.


For the closure of the game and studio, Black Eye Games explains that it is mostly the financial reasons. Gloria Victis requires more and more resources to progress and keep the pace, which leads to continuous work and hard expansion without losing the identity of the game.  Also, Black Eye Games admits in candid that it is one of the hardest possible challenges to creating and maintain an MMORPG in game development, and the progress is an extremely challenging undertaking, especially for a team of 15 developers, which renders the 15-developers team work 24/7. Therefore, the studio is unable to provide required maintenance and has to decide to close the game under the huge load.


Besides, Black Eye Games expresses their gratitude to he entire Gloria Victis Community and everybody helped and supported us on this journey. And they will help their team members find suitable new jobs with all efforts.