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Where to Find NPC and What Items NPC Offers in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

From:dreamboxfile Date:Sep 06, 2023 Click:

A new collection of characters is introduced in Chapter 4 Season 4, Fortnite. And most of them can offer some items to help players win more possibly in combat. There are the locations of new characters and the items they can offer as followings.


Piper Pace is in Slappy Shores with Scoped Burst SMG for sale.

Royale Bomber sells Supply Specialist, Combat SMG in Brutal Bastion.

Agent Peely offers Shadow Tracker and Banana in Steamy Springs.

Meowscles stays in Shady Stiltssells with selling Sharp Tooth Shotgun and Shield Fish.

Love Ranger stays in Rumble Ruins and sells Heisted Accelerant Shotgun, Crash Pad Jr.

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Renegade Shadow selling Infiltrator Pump Shotgun, Key can be found in Shattered Slabs.

Arctic Assassin' s location is East of Creeky Compound and sells Thermal DMR, Shield Potion.Bull Shark' s location is Creeky Compound with Scout Specialist and Thermal DMR for sale.

Fish Thicc stays in Northwest of Relentless Retreat and offers Infiltrator Pump Shotgun.

Diamond Diva whose location is Mega City, offers Maven Auto Shotgun and Remote Explosives.

Countess Daraku in East of Eclipse Estate provides Suppressed Assault Rifle and Shield Potion.


Beastmode can be met in Breakwater Bay to get Heavy Specialist and Sharp Tooth Shotgun.

Sun Strider offers Medic Specialist and Med-Mist and can be found in South of Eclipse Estate.

Khaby Lame can be met in Southwest of Slappy Shores with Suppressed Sniper Rifle, Shockwave Grenades offering.

Both Nolan Chance and Antonia can be found in Frenzy Fields. Nolan Chance sells Twin Mag Assault Rifle, Keys (Rep 3), Furniture Disguise (Rep 6), and Scout Specialist (Rep 10). And  Antoniacan provides Suppressed Sniper Rifle and Business Turret.

Remember the NPCs' locations to strengthen yourself with items and achieve victory.