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What Are Chronoliths and Where to Find All Chronoliths in Final Fantasy 16

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There are a lot of fantasy and magical things in Final Fantasy 16. Some will offer unique abilities while some will help players become more powerful. And the Chronoliths are belong to the later. The article will introduce what are Chronoliths and where to find all Chronoliths in Final Fantasy 16.


What Are Chronoliths

Chronoliths in Final Fantasy 16 are magical monuments which are used for the protagonist Clive to challenge combat trials later in the game. Players can find some Chonoliths before Clive really needs them to complete the trials. Once players find one Chronolith, it will be marked on the map automatically, so there is unnecessary to worry that you can not find it in the next time.


When the Chronoliths start to responding to Clive's presence later in the game, Clive is able to access to complete the combat trials. It should be noticed that each

Chronolith will provide a specific challenging trial based on a particular Eikon and its abilities. And the trials will limit players equipped abilities and need players to defeat several waves of enemies during a limited time. Although the trials are very difficult, they are worth for players to practice a lot to get prepared because they are a good way to learn the Eikon abilities. In addition, players can gain a curiosity as a reward when each trial is completed. And players can unlock and challenge a harder version of the trials back at The Hideaway after completing each Chronolith.


Where to Find All Chronoliths

After a basic understanding of Chronoliths, there is going to talk about the locations of all Chronoliths in Final Fantasy 16.

The Hand of Hyperion

The first Chronolith named the Hand of Hyperion can be found in the north of Martha's Rest following the path through Greensheaves. And the trial requires compulsively players to use Phoenix.


The Hand of Iapetus

The second Chronolith named The Hand of Iapetus is near the Norvent Valley which is located in the north of the Caer Norvent River Gate fast travel point. Players can find it after across the bridge and up a dead end path. Players are forced to use Ramuh in this trial.


The Hand of Mimas

The Hand of Mimas is the third Chronolith that is located at the western end of the Royal Meadows and up the hill at Cape Orsiere. Players must use Bahamut for this trial.


The Hand of Titan

The fourth Chronolith, the Hand of Titan, can be found in in a dead end of the Northern Velkroy Desert past all of the ruins and the sandstorm. Using Titan is required as a must for this trial.


The Hand of Dione

The fifth Chronolith named the Hand of Dione is in the south of The Krozjit Echoes fast travel point. Players can reach it by navigating the roads that lie below in the Drakos Deep. And using Garuda is the compulsive requirement for the trial.


The Hand of Rhea

The sixth Chronolith is the Hand of Rhea located at the end of a very narrow path in the south of The Angry Gap in the Kingdom of Waloed. Players are able to see the narrow path when they discover the area. This trial requires compulsively to use Shiva.


The Hand of Enceladus

The seventh Chonolith is the Hand of Enceladus, and it is the last one of Chronoliths in the game. Player can find it located in the south of Vidargraes of the Kingdom of Waloed, past the Badbach Conservatory. The trial requires to use Odin as a must.


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