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New Expansion: Caverns of Time Is Coming in Hearthstone

From:dreamboxfile Date:Aug 28, 2023 Click:

Hearthstone will release a new expansion on Aug 31, 2023. The new expansion called Caverns of Time contains 147 total cards including 34 brand new cards, 113 buffed reprints and 15 Signature versions of iconic cards from the past.

According to the Hearthstone official, the cards of Caverns of Time will not be legal in Standard, all of them are designed for Wild and Twist. Actually, it is the first time for Hearthstone to launch a direct-to-Wild expansion.


The 34 brand new cards in Caverns of Time includes 9 Common cards, 10 Rare cards, 8 Epic cards, and 7 Legendary cards. They may look a little different because they comes from the early timeline which is before Death Knight and Demon Hunter were added to Hearthstone.


In the new expansion, some old friends come back and get reshaped. There are 113 buffed reprints cards from the past, which can be accessed in Caverns of Time packs for players. And players who have already owned the older version of them, will get updated version in their collection automatically with Patch 27.2, before the launch of Caverns of Time. If not , players can pick the reprints cards up in Caverns of Time packs. And players will not get the owned reprints cards in Caverns of Time packs again, so they can collect all the 113 buffed reprints cards as quickly as possible.


Besides, three new signature cards can be accessed in Caverns of Time packs including Aya Blackpaw, Don Han' Cho, and C' Thun, with 12 additional Signature cards from the past. They can also be obtained from Wild Packs and any products that give players cards and can be gotten form Caverns of Time packs. What' s more, a suite of Battle-Ready Decks will come with the expansion to enable players get ready for the battle in Wild and Twist quickly.