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Awesomenauts Developer Ronimo Games Was Declared Insolvent

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A article posted in the Emerce website, a Dutch media, revealed that Ronimo Games was declared insolvent by the Central Netherlands court on Aug 22, 2023. And Jeroen D Stout, a former employee in Ronimo Games tweeted on X on Aug 23, 2023 and confirmed that Ronimo Games has been bankrupt.

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Ronimo Games was founded in 2007 by some students of the Utrecht School of the Arts. And It was one of the mains studios as well-known as Triumph Studios, Two Tribes, Team6, and Engine Software. In 2006, the original freeware Windows version of the Blob was developed by the early team of Ronimo under the name Banana Games, which of rights was bought by Publisher THQ later. 

THQ decided to let third parties develop the version for other platforms such as the Nintendo DS, Wii and iPhone, which provided the money and chance for the former developer to build the separate studio, Ronimo Games. 


In May 2009, Ronimo Games released their first commercial game, Swords & Soldiers, and the game was popular and favored by lots of players worldwide. In May 2012, Awesomenauts, a MOBA game, was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, which is the most famous game of the studio. Later on, Ronimo Games released it on steam in August 2012, and the PlayStation 4 version in March 2014. And Ronimo Games announced that Awesomenauts became free-to-play in May 2017 after it have been released for six years.


Besides, Ronimo Games released a new game, Blightbound, in 2021. However, it went bankrupt unexpectedly this year, just two years after the release of the new game. And it is reportedly that the studio was working on a new project at the time that it was declared bankrupt. But It is still unknown whether the project will go on or not.