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All New Characters, Weapons, And Evolutions To Unlock on Vampire Survivors Tides of Foscari DLC

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Vampire Survivors is an indie bullet rogue-lite game. And the second DLC expansion of Tides of Foscari has released on April 13, 2023. The DLC expansion includes a new large stage, new characters, new weapons and evolutions and more. Players need to complete some special tasks to unlock all contents in the DLC.


The new map Lake Foscari is a magical forest with a lot of fantasy creatures and monsters. And the stage boss, called Avatar of Gaea, is the key to unlock the Hyper version of Lake Foscari, which appears at the 25-minute mark whenever players are on the map. Try to defeat it to get the hyper map. And the secondary version of the map, called Abyss Foscari, will be unlocked when players break the Seal of the Lake with the new characters Keitha.


There are 8 new playable characters to unlock with special tasks. Eleanor can be found in a coffin in Lake Foscari. Maruto Cuts will be accessed when players unites SpellString, SpellStream, and SpellStrike. The unlocking of Keitha needs to evolve the Eskizzibur. Luminaire can be unlocked by breaking the Seal of the Abyss with Maruto's upgraded starter weapon in Abyss Foscari. Genevieve can be accessible after breaking the Seal of the Banished with Eleanor in Abyss Foscari. And players can unlock 3 new characters by defeating enemies. Sammy needs a total of 6000 Sammies, and 100,000 enemies in a single run with Genevieve Gruyère for Je-Ne-Viv, and a total of 6000 Rotting Ghouls for Rottin'Ghou.


Besides, 13 new weapons are provided for players including 8 totally new weapons and 5 evolutions of other weapons. And players can unlock these weapons by surviving 15 minutes with the character that uses them as the starting weapon. SpellString can be unlocked with Eleanor Uziron, Eskizzibur with Maruto Cuts, Flash Arrow with Keitha Muort, Prismatic Missile with Luminaire Foscari, and Shadow Servant with Genevieve Gruyère. SpellStream and SpellStrike are accessible when they get to level 6. Party Popper is a special one that players can buy it from the Merchant after unlocking Rottin'Ghoul.


As for the evolutions, it is necessary for players to have both the weapon and the required items at max level. Legionnaire needs Evolved Eskizzibur with max-level Armor. SpellStrom requires SpellString, SpellStream, and SpellStrike at max level. Millionaire is evolved from Flash Arrow with max-level Clover and Bracer. Luminaire can be evloved from Prismatic Missile with max-level Crown. And Ophion is evolved from Shadow Servant with max-level Skull O'Maniac.