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Method for Getting Excalibur in Final Fantasy 16

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Final Fantasy 16 is a popular role-playing video game, and it is one of the Final Fantasy series which is created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and owned, developed and published by Square Enix. It is well-known that there are lots of powerful weapons for in-game protagonists to seek and equip in Final Fantasy 16, even including some mythical and legendary weapons such as Excalibur. Well, how to get the famous sword of King Arthur? Here is the method.


Players can get Excalibur by crafting it through the side-quest of "Blacksmith's Blues II". The side-quest can be obtained at the Hideaway from Blackthorne the Blacksmith during the main story quest "Out of the Shadow". And before unlocking the side-quest, players need to complete the initial "Blacksmith's Blues" quest first.


After completing the quest "Blacksmith's Blues", players need to pick up a letter from the Reading Table in Clive's Chambers, and then read it and accept the side-quest "Blacksmith's Blues II". Next, Go and speak to Blackthorne and Charon. Later, players will need to fast travel to The Dalimil Inn to speak with Ignac who can be found in the upstairs tavern. Ignac will ask players to defeat some bandits to get something back. 


The location of the bandits is the northeast corner of The Velkroy Desert, which is marked with green circle and easy to find on your map. After defeating the bandits, players will come back Dalimil Inn. And then, players need to  go back to Blackthorne at the Hideaway and finish this quest. The Excalibur Design Draft will be received, which allows players to make Excalibur.


Besides, it is necessary to get Wyrrite x300, Grimalkin Hide x1, Bomb Ember x1 and Scarletite x1 for making Excalibur. Therefore, players can prepare those required materials in advance to ensure you are able to make Excalibur when the design craft obtained.