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"The Seven Deadly SINS" and "Attack on Titan" Dream Collaboration

From:dreamboxfile Date:Sep 11, 2023 Click:

Amazing News! Seven Deadly SINS has teamed up with Attack on Titan to bring some new heroes, events, and players will be able to enjoy many new activities and rewards.

Players can now choose new characters from Attack on Titan.


The return of the Seven Deadly SINS x Attack on Titan collaboration and other brand-new content is now available, as follows:

· Seven SINS x Attack on Titan Co-op Return PICK UP Raffle:

This raffle offers players the chance to win Attack Giant Co-op Heroes. When you reach 300 bonus points, you can earn the SSR rare hero character; At 600 bonus points, you can get Co-op Heroes (pick 1 of 5).

· Sign-in event:

After logging in for 14 days, players will receive Seven SINS x Attacking Giants co-op Return PICK UP Ticket *30 (can get 33 heroes).

· Seven SINS x Attack on Titan Special Mission:

Composed of 5 different missions, this cooperative activity provides a total of "Seven SINS" x "Attack Giant" cooperative return ticket *20 (can get 22 heroes), complete the entire activity to get the "strongest soldier" Levi.

· Seven SINS x Attack on Titan World Mission:

A story, world, and quest based on Attacking Giant, where armored giants and supergiants appear as enemies. Players who complete the mission will receive Training Corps, diamonds, and growth materials.

· The Giant Campaign:

Four players team up to fight supergiants. A ranking based on accumulated damage will earn various rewards. Prizes offered at the event include the Training Corps, the Cooperative Hero Fashion, and the Cooperative Relic Material Chest.


· Giant Banishment:

Players will choose 8 heroes to fight against enemies spread across different regions. Prizes include diamonds, co-hero fashions and co-relic material chests.

· Cooperative Hero Relics:

A total of Cooperative relic material treasure chest *5, which can be used to make 5 relics.

For more details, you can visit the game's official website.